Bigfoot or Big Myth?

Legends of monsters, demons, and scary things lurking in the wilderness date back as far as anyone can remember. Whether it’s the giant three-headed dog Cerberus of ancient Greece or the mighty, ship-devouring Kraken of the Northern seas, humans have shared these legends throughout human history.

What you may not have realized, is that the Pacific Northwest (PNW) is home to it’s very own legend! In the 1850s, some loggers in Northern California discovered giant footprints in the surrounding forest. Being much too large to have been left behind by a person, it became evident that something mysterious had to be lurking in those woods. The loggers never knew for certain who or what left those prints, but it wasn’t long before they began to refer to the creature as “Bigfoot.” Around that same time the loggers began to blame Bigfoot for some vandalisms in the area, earning Bigfoot some face time in the local papers. 

This, however, is not the earliest reference we have to such a beast. Native American cultures in the Pacific Northwest also told stories of a tall, hairy, humanoid, creature wandering the wilderness of Washington, Oregon, Northern California, and British Columbia. Our word Sasquatch actually comes from the word “Sasq’ets” which is what some of the First Nations peoples of British Columbia called this hairy biped. 

A lot has changed as we’ve moved into the modern age, but the Bigfoot legend lives on stronger today than ever before! While he is still spotted in the wild periodically, clear camera footage seems to be nigh impossible to capture (personally, I like to think he’s just a little camera shy). But this doesn’t mean we have zero photographs; they’re all just blurry, or too dark to make out fine details. The lack of hard evidence leaves many doubting Bigfoot’s authenticity, but that leaves us with the question: If Bigfoot isn’t real, what left all those giant tracks behind? And even though the photos we do have are blurry, it’s pretty clear that something large and hairy is living in the PNW wilderness. 

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