Delicious Dessert Places in Seattle, open during COVID!

"Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down!"  COVID has been hard on everyone for different reasons, and dessert definitely helps remind us of the sweetness in life:)  After shopping with us for some retail therapy, here are five  desert places open during COVID in the Seattle area worth trying!

Pie Bar: 2 locations - in Capital Hill and Ballard

Enjoy some warm pie, sweet or savory, with some tasty ice cream.  Some popular pies include "Dessert Island" and "Coconut Cream."  Open from 2pm-10pm in Ballard, or 6pm-1am in Capital Hill. Link to Pie Bar Ballard

Salt and Straw2 locations - in Capital Hill and Ballard

Salt and Straw is known for their adventurous flavors such as Pear and Blue cheese and Arbequina Olive Oil!  Vegan options are available!  Their hours are 12pm to 11pm. Link to Salt and Straw

Hot Cakes: 2 locations - in Capital Hill and Ballard

Enjoy the best Molten Chocolate Cake in the city at Hot Cakes.  Their most popular desert is the "Dark Decadence," but they have many other options such as the Strawberry or S'mores cake.  Both locations are open from 4pm-11pm. Link to Hot Cakes Ballard

Hello Robin: 1 locations - in Capital Hill (2nd location opening soon in the U village)

Enjoy fresh baked cookies with some Molly Moons ice cream flavor of your choice! Hello Robin has a plethora of cookie choices to go with your ice cream.  Every option is absolutely delicious.  Open from 11am-10pm.  Link to Hello Robin Cookies

Molly Moons: many locations in Capital Hill, Bellevue, Columbia City, U Village, etc.

Enjoy ice cream in a cup or famous waffle cone.  The waffle cones can be smelt down the block from every location!  If you are looking for some easy, delicious ice cream, Molly Moons is a great option!  Molly Moons has many locations in the Seattle area open different hours, more information at Molly Moons

Molly Moons