Kraken has been released

Seattle Kraken Merchandise, Symbolic meaning of Seattle Kraken logo and name

Seattle, welcome the Kraken. The NHL Seattle announced the name of the 32nd franchise, unveils the team's jersey, colors, and logo. Seattle Kraken will join the league next season. Anyone who speculated the team's name would be Seattle Kraken, you were correct. The Seattle hockey team released the cool logo and name in a live press conference. The name and the logo have a deep meaning bejeweled in it.

Kraken official jersey

The symbolic meaning of the colors, name, and the logo:

The color schema featuring four different shades of blue- deep sea navy, ice blue along with boundless blue and shadow blue is more than the oceanic theme. The colors represent Seattle's maritime heritage.

Seattle's persona as a coastal city and its rich hockey tradition are all over the primary logo and jersey design. The logo, created in partnership with Adidas, is a tentacle-shaped 'S' with the detail of a single tentacle inside the letter.

Additionally, the logo on the front of the Kraken jersey is a tribute to the Seattle Metropolitans. They played in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association from 1915 to 1924 and, in 1917, became the first American team to win the Stanley Cup. The team's secondary logo incorporates the city's Space Needle into an anchor.

The branding is both aesthetically and symbolically associated with the iconic beauty, culture, and history of Seattle. Though we don't know yet who will wear the Kraken uniform, we do know they'll be enwrapped in the city's history and culture and look great in blue.

Now that we've our team to cheer, it's time to get geared up, and we've got your back. Kraken merchandise is available for purchase. Explore the collection and pre-order your merchandise today!