Our Favorite Things

As the holidays approach we at Seattle Shirt Company thought we could help you with some friendly shopping ideas. Shopping is kind of our business, so consider us experts! Here are some great gift ideas for 2020.

1. NFL Throwback Jerseys- Mitchell & Ness

Show that sports lover that you care with an official NFL Throwback jersey from Mitchell & Ness. From Sanders and Rice to Ditka and Largent, we have all the greats. These jerseys are great for collectors and fans alike.

2. Seattle Kraken Hockey Gear-

Waiting for the 2021 season to start is agony, but new Seattle Kraken gear will help the pain. Hats, tuques (beanies), hoodies, t-shirts, women's and kids shirts, Seattle Shirt Company has all the latest products. If you want to start small grab a sticker or lanyard.

3. Bigfoot Merchandise-

This mysterious creature has a hold on whomever learns about him. Is he from the Pacific Northwest, maybe? Is he real or make believe, who knows? All we know is Seattle loves to represent! If you want some Sasquatch items we have everything from key chains and magnets to t-shirts and hats.

4. Seattle Music Scene-

Seattle is home to so many great artists like Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix and the Foo Fighters. Grab a t-shirt and show your love of Seattle and rock and roll. Once you dive into Seattle's music history you'll never come up again. Seattle Rocks!

5. Strideline Socks-

Seattle based company Strideline was started by two University of Washington friends who wanted a great sock to represent their city. Strideline was born out of that love and determination. Seattle Shirt Company's designs are exclusive and we have everything from Seattle pride designs to Bigfoot and PNW logos. One sock fits all, but each design is special.

6. Legacy Hats-

Legacy hats are comfortable, durable, fashionable and a great gift idea. All the hats adjustable and stylish. From classic Seattle designs to PNW logos, Legacy hats are exactly what your outdoor friend is looking for this holiday season.

7. Seattle Seahawks Merch-

If you've been a fan for 30 years or just became a fan, we have items for everyone. Men, women, kids and babies, our selection can't be beat. For even better deals check out our Seahawks sale section!

8. Mugs and Water bottles-


Does someone need a coffee mug? From the land of Starbucks and coffee, a Seattle mug is a great gift idea for anyone. Do you have a hiker to buy for? Water bottles are an easy, practical gift that will bring joy year round.

9. Face Masks-

Every outfit now needs a coordinating mask and we have many different varieties. Kraken, Seahawks, Seattle and even kids masks. Want everyone to notice your mask? Wear a Seattle mask!

10. Leavenworth-

Just two and a half hours away from Seattle is the magical Bavarian town of Leavenworth, Washington. Grab a reminder of this quaint little town with a hoodie, t-shirt, hat or mug. This Pacific Northwest town is worth the drive, it's a trip you'll never forget.