Seattle Bucket List

“Make a bucket list and fill it with dreams that have no boundaries.” —Annette White

Whether you are a nature lover, foodie, art aesthete, or culture explorer, Seattle has something beautiful for everyone. It is full of picturesque natural beauty and the world’s most instagrammable backdrops. You can spend a long-time exploring Seattle. However, if you are short of time and have a weekend on your first visit, we have the best recommendations for you to experience the best in the city. As they say, when exploring the emerald city, never Seattle for less!

Pike place market, Iconic sites in Seattle, Places to visit in Seattle

1. The iconic Pike Place Market

The pike place market offers a variety of stalls to intrigue your interests. It is one of the oldest continuously operated farmer’s markets in the US. Remember to check out some of the most popular spots:

-At the corner of Pike Place and Pike Street and meet Rachel, a 550-pound piggy bank.
-Walk down to the fourth level of the Pike Place Market, and in the middle of the hallway, you will find the Giant Shoe Museum.
-Eat Chocolate covered cherries at Chukar cherries
-Order a coffee at the first Starbucks café 
-Check out Seattle Souvenir store at the corner of the 1st and Pike


Gum wall, Seattle Iconic site, Places to visit in Seattle, Seattle Shirt Company Logo on Gum Wall

2. Blow bubbles at the Post Ally Gum Wall

A germiest but a must-see attraction in your list. It is a quirky stop to your trip, and it is right around the corner from Pike Place. Make sure to chew gum and stick it on the wall to make (sticky) history!


Fremont Troll, Iconic sites in Seattle. Seattle Bucket List

3. Get a close look at the Fremont Troll

Another quirky art destination to add to your list. Take a picture with this grumpy troll beneath a bridge in the Fremont neighborhood. Fremont is a fun area with many hidden gems.


Seattle Skyline view from Kerry Park, Kerry Park a Seattle bucket list site

4. Enjoy the scenic view of Seattle skyline at Kerry Park

Kerry park will offer you stunning views of the city. Though the location is a tiny piece of land, the scenes are breathtakingly beautiful, and you will get the most instagrammable pictures here. 


Souvenir store at Pike Place, Seattle bucket list site, Seattle souvenir shop

5. Shop Seattle Souvenirs from one of the oldest local stores

Find an extensive collection of souvenirs and Seattle apparel to take home with you as a memento of your beautiful adventure. If you have visited the city in the past but and would like to get some of the most charming souvenirs, we’ve got you covered. Check out our selection here.