6 feet please

With 3 simple words our cities and countries become stronger and healthier.

By following those three simple words there is hope to those who feel there isn’t any left. 

We are all united together by what has plagued us over the last couple months. Without this unity and promise to keep 6 feet apart, we all would find ourselves in the same exact place. A catastrophic predicament.  Our vulnerability to this virus is real and we all have to do whatever we can to help save lives. This is our tribute to spread what works. Let’s all unite and take on this one simple task and be stronger 6 feet apart together!  We will all get through this!

This is the time for us to all come together.

We are raising money to support first responders and health care workers in the Seattle and San Diego area. T-shirts will be selling soon with 100% of the proceeds to be donated to help fight COVID-19.