5 Local Seattle Black-Owned Businesses

Here in Seattle, we have the privilege of being surrounded by diverse communities doing really incredible things. For Black History month, we wanted to feature some of the black-owned businesses that we either are connected to, have shopped at, or are discovering for the first time.

Black Coffee Northwest

Black Coffee Northwest owners sitting at a wood countertop in their coffee shop.

Black Coffee Northwest in Shoreline is a cafe and event space owned by Darnesha and Erwin Weary. In a neighborhood that is only 5% black, Darnesha and Erwin wanted to create a safe space for the black community. In their words, “Black Coffee Northwest is about energy and creativity, and we exist to inspire and energize our community alike.”
Their dedication to the community goes beyond coffee. Black Coffee Northwest Grounded is a youth leadership program and charity that focuses on community building, personal wellness, and empowering black youth in a safe space.
You can donate to support their youth program here.
Visit their website here: www.blackcoffeenw.com
Pick up some coffee or merch at their location in Shoreline at 16743 Aurora Ave N, and make sure to check out their Ballard location that’s opening soon!

The door to black-owned Seattle coffee shop Black Coffee Northwest in Shoreline.

Boon Boona

Boon Boona uses East African techniques and ceremonies in their coffee roasting in Seattle.

With locations in both Renton and Seattle, Boon Boona cafe is owned by Efrem Fesaha and specializes in East African coffee. After a visit to his roots in East Africa in 2011, he fell in love with the coffee culture there and decided to bring it home with him.
In East African tradition, Efrem began using green, unroasted coffee beans for his brews, as well as selling the green beans to local roasters. He follows the traditional ceremony by roasting coffee beans in a pan and then brewing the beans in a clay pot called a jebena.
At the request of his American friends and clients, he began experimenting with his own roasting techniques. And so, the Boon Boona Roastery and Cafe came to be.
Visit their website here and stop by their locations in Renton and Seattle.
Boon Boona bags of coffee roasted by black-owned business owners in East African traditions.

Noir Lux Candle Co.

Noir Lux Candle Co black-owned business owner standing next to table of candles.

Noir Lux Candle Company is a small black-owned, woman-owned business. Colina chose to build a business that paired her love of candles with her love of community. Aside from selling her original candle scents online, Colina offers sip & pour parties as well as an event space to rent out. 

Noir Lux has a line of candles dedicated to giving back called Candles for a Cause, featuring candles with scents that were formulated specifically for the organization’s cause. Quarterly, Colina gives back 10% of the sales made from each candle to the organization it represents.
Check out the website here.

Black-owned business and event space in Seattle.

Something Black Made

Black-owned streetwear business in Seattle owners on a white background.

Something Black Made is a Seattle-based online store. Originally from West Africa, the founder moved to the United States as a child after his father was ousted by the government there. 
He ended up graduating from UW and used his entrepreneurship skills to build a business that gives back and highlights the strengths of the black community. He strives to make unique clothing that supports positive black movements and culture. Something Black Made sells sweatshirts, jackets, sweatpants, and kids' clothing.
Check out the website here
Seattle black-owned businesses lifting up the youth in their community.

Conscious Eatery

Black-owned seattle restaurant Conscious Eatery feeding people experiencing homelessness.

Conscious Eatery is located in Georgetown, founded in 2016 by co-owners Cierra and Chaz. What started as a philanthropic catering business turned into a dine-in restaurant, still with a focus on giving back. 

For every meal purchased, Conscious Eatery donates a meal to people suffering from homelessness in the Seattle area. On average, they donate about 1,000 meals per month!

They serve delicious breakfast and lunch for a variety of diet restrictions and needs, while also using eco-friendly packaging and materials.

Visit their website here or stop by their location at 5620 6th Ave S in Georgetown.

Feeding Seattle's community experiencing homelessness with meals from Black-owned business Conscious Eatery in Georgetown.

Thanks for reading! If you know of Black-Owned businesses in Seattle that we should know about, please drop a comment!

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